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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 22, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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of course, our top story this morning is the weather. >> all eyes are on the radar this morning. a blizzard watch declared for our area. >> good day it is friday january 22nd, 2016. we have team coverage of the winter storm heading our way, and chris, why would we not do anything and check with our sue serio because she's tracking it you will. >> she has been as we saw this develop a few days ago. >> we were talking about this since monday, at the very least, yeah, so, it is almost on our doorstep, not just yet but when we look back in years to come we may be saying, i remember the blizzard of 16. not here yet and not expected to arrive here until much later in the the day. you still have time to prepare. i have been saying for days,
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don't panic, just prepare and we will be already. so, the the blizzard watch happened yesterday, not weather service at the 10:30 said we're under blizzard watch. this is baltimore washington area under a blizzard warning. they will get it first. this is winter storm warning in lancaster county, winter storm watches to the the south of us and to the north of us where we expect less a accumulation, here, in the south because of a mixing with rain, to the north and west because it is further a away, from this coastal storm, and the the high wind watch we will talk about that, probably upgraded to a high win warning now. so this storm didn't look like much of anything 24 hours ago and now it is forming into a force to be reckon with and the leading edge, we will continue to watch this a all morning, it is moving from north carolina into western virginia. in greensboro we are seeing snow but little further south is there sleet, freezing rain in fayetville north carolina
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and south carolina it will be rain. that is what we will be watching as this storm gets in our area where it cuts off from rain to snow. 23 degrees is the the current temperature, we have a northerly wind at 6 miles an hour, and 16 is our wind chill. the sunrise is at 7:17, this morning, and we have wind chills that are in the teens. it is another cold morning. here we go cold air is in place, and now precipitation is on the the way, we do expect a high of 36 degrees today, sunshine early, snow starts late, we will have that timing for you, coming up, but our live team coverage will be continuing, not only today but, of course, throughout the the weekend as well at philadelphia international a airport, lots of flights have been canceled, dave kinchen, that is where he is this this morning, standing by with the latest. they are having everybody get out of dodge early, right dave. >> reporter: yeah, no doubt about that, that is what is happening right now.
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taking a look at the big board here you can see all of the flights, for today, pretty much are on time and posted except for a delta flight, to raleigh-durham at 3:30 p.m. but you can see folks are lined up, getting ready to get out of dodge here at the united desk grabbing their tickets and everything. we will show you video and tell you everything that we know right now. several cancellations have been coming in, in fact, american airlines has canceled all flights to and from philadelphia international airport, on saturday, other airlines like frontier and british airways have a lot of canceled flights as well, at least some of their flights have canceled. the airport will officially be opened with around the clock plowing taking place, and airlines will be tapering off flights by 10:00 p.m. friday, all major airlines will be offering wafers, travel wafers
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if you decide you cannot fly out, due to basic weather situation that is taking place but again, philadelphia interest in the airport, will be opened, and they will be doing a lot of plowing this weekend but american airlines, all philadelphia a flights to and from philadelphia canceled frontier, british airways, they have some flights canceled so you will want to check that all out, lauren? >> all right. dave. thank you. >> i'll take it here, talking about the plowing, they are pretreating the roadways this morning. we will see that happening this morning. we have seen this happened along i-95, the the construction continues. so, this is something to watch this morning. we have one problem to talk to you about, this is in conestoga road, there there is a a down pole, conestoga road between spring valley road and all lanes there are block. that is our one problem. not many other problems out
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there. ben franklin bridge this morning looking all clear, to and from new jersey, to philadelphia a a, so one little problem to talk about of course, a lot of the roads are being treated and we will have updates here throughout the morning, chris and lauren. busy morning, and tomorrow as well. >> our team coverage to continues this morning with the the city of philadelphia assaying it is ready for the the first big storm of the year. >> let go right to steve keeley at city hall, steve, good morning. >> reporter: city work has begun long before the first snow flakes hit. you can see philadelphia water department crew, very hard at work, this crew had has been on since 11:00 working non-stop and you see they are clearing out the sewers, a lot of mock, fall leaves, garbage, you name it, and they have to clear them because when you have a foot and a half of snow that eventually melts and mixes with rain and if this is blocking the sewer system none of that water will be able to go anywhere but cause flooding in the road and even worse refreezing on the road and the road will be like an ice rink
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next week when this stuff starts melting on monday and tuesday when we hit the 40's and none of it has anywhere to go and in the overnight hours it the refreezes. you can see how hard at work the city is already, and these two guys are already on the schedule for overtime for saturday, and it is an open ended schedule meaning don't just count on will eight hour shift but we will need you do who knows what, water main breaks, chipping ice a away and clearing more drains and more sewers. here are city officials yesterday, just giving people the latest update, and the latest warning on how to be a good citizen in the city of brotherly love. >> with this storm there is going to be some high wind, so we're really focused on potential for power outages, and down trees. we have close coordination with utility partners and parks and recreation department. >> we will have a full deployment of approximately 400 plows and 600 personnel
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who have been plowing and salting our city streets. >> would i love this all for to be wrong and sun comes out at day and it is 65 but that is probably not going to happen so let's prepare for the worst, hope for the the best and be prepared for whatever comes. >> reporter: mayor kenney answered a question about why you are not yet declaring an emergency where people to have remove their cars from the snow emergency routes. he said we will hold off on that until the next day until we have a firm 100 percent sure that this storm will hit us because we all remember last year everybody prepared for a storm that never showed up. chris and lauren, expect another update, another big news conference from the mayor at noon time today and then expect the city to declare that snow emergency route and that means get your car off the main roads like the one we're on here and that deal where you can put your car in a philadelphia parking garage or lots for five bucks and let it sit there safely and you shouldn't be driving anyway.
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park it there, keep it off the roads, keep it out of the way and stay off the roads yourself and everything should be fine by monday morning. >> steve keeley, thanks very much. we have time to wait and see, the storm is not coming in the philadelphia area until late evening, 10:00 o'clock let's just say. >> good thing about this storm it is hitting on the weekend. road crews don't to have worry about rush hour traffic and have plenty of time to clean the the street for monday morning. >> work is well underway for penndot, brine being put down on road and bridges to make clean up easier. penndot says it has 300 traffic management cameras to monitor the roads and has 450 plows ready to go across the area, crews will work, 12 hour shifts around the clock. >> penndot is ready to go. it will be a challenging one, but of course a foot of snow it will be a long storm and it is one that will be through sunday and we will be working through sunday to get the roads in as good as a condition as possible in a
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monday morning rush hour. penndot has a reminder for those, who venture out, if you are driving behind a plow, keep at least six car lengths between them and do not pass. >> like a blocker for you. hey new jersey, nor'easter and possible blizzard will put the shore to the test. hurricane force wind, full moon and several high tides make the perfect recipe for major coastal flooding, and beach erosion. it the will be the first time recently built sand berms will face this type of severe weather since sandy. ocean city just finished a multi million-dollar project two months ago, city leaders say they are hoping for the best, but they are prepared for the worst. >> police and fire departments are preparing their deep water vehicles in case they need to access residents that are on flooded streets. >> trying not to rupp off and panic, just relax and do what you need to do. >> reporter: businesses and homeowners are packing sandbags, boarding up windows,
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securing their properties. they have done this before. several shore communities are hoping temporary shelters on a as needed basis. if you happen to lose power this weekend and cannot turn us on, stay on top of the storms by watching fox 29 from the iphone or ipad or computer or down load fox 29 weather app, see live radar and get alerts to your phone. it ace railable on i the phone and android devices. pennsylvania governor tom wolf ordered all flags at half staff to honored 12 missing marines. two men from pennsylvania among missing including captain brian ken friday chester county. all 12 were officially declared dead yesterday a week after their chopper collided off the coast of hawaii. coastguard suspend $5 day search wednesday after being unable to find any sign of the marines. governor wolf invites all citizens to take part in honoring those marines. the school resource commission voted to approve three public schools coverted to charter schools. it was a packed room at philadelphia school district building last night. parents, educators and kid on
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both sides of the issue made their passionate pleas, in the end, the src approved cook, hughy and wistar elementary school for renaissance and that means they are on their way to become charter schools. the the district considers these schools low performing. >> i'm really frustrated that it a appears as though instead of putting the type of education and commitment, that they need to into our public schools, that they are willing to sell them off to the highest bidder. >> is what happening three is percent of the kid are proficient in math. for me that is just not acceptable. >> spokesperson for the the district says that the charters will take over those schools and they still have have to submit applications before it is all finalized. 4:11. star power steps up to help with the ongoing the water power in flynt, michigan we will tell you who and why. guns and airports it the is more common then you might think, just ask the tsa.
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all right. so as this storm gets closer, undoubted, you have heard we're under a blizzard watch now? what does that mean with the weather service decides to calling it a blizzard instead of the winter storm? here is criteria for this blizzard watch in effect from friday night until early sunday morning. prediction of wind or wind gusts of 35 miles an hour or more, visibility, that will be reduced, because of the wind, and blowing snow, to a quarter mile or less, and that will
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have a prediction of duration of three hours or more. so, when the the forecast is calling for all of these criteria, that is when we have upgraded to a blizzard. it is, of course, copious amount of snow but when you add wind in and blowing and drifting snow that it suddenly becomes a blizzard. that is what we're expecting to a large portion of our area. this math has not changed a lot since yesterday. it looks like bull a's eye will be in the baltimore washington area with as much as 2 feet there. we're going for 12 to 18 inches in the i-95 corridor on either side of philadelphia, of course, including philadelphia the further south much less and especially along shore points and southern delaware where we expect rain to mix in and then north and west of the city where we will be further from the the center of that storm. it the is really gained a a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico now. what we're expecting next is
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for this storm, looking at here, to switch its energy to the the coastal area and then it will tart to hug the coast and then start to affect us. for right now this is an illustration we are talking about with that line between the rain and storm, rain mostly in south carolina and snow and sleet in north carolina as it moves northward. this is an interesting prediction of where we have the the greatest, instances, possible of power outages, most likely, south and east of the city and that is because that is where we expect wind to be highest. so that is because of heavier snow and wind gusting, 40 to as much as 60 miles an hour possible at the shore and that means tree limbs and power lines could easily come down in a storm like this. that is one of the biggest fear. lets talk about the timing of the storm. by 8:00 o'clock tonight snow is spreading in the area and it won't take long for it to pick up in intensity so here we are at midnight and you can see these dark areas of blue,
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purple, and that is where the the snow will be heavier. we will see it getting, just consistently falling at a rate of one to 2 inches per hour but by tomorrow morning we will start to see some mixing with rain. by 2:00 in the afternoon there could be a dry slot where we are talking about that possibility, during the the day, but it doesn't mean it will be over, it still looks like an all day event, on saturday through the the the night until about 8h in the morning when we may see last flurries if the the storm doesn't speed up before then. that is the timing of this storm and an all day event starting tonight through saturday night into early sunday morning. wild card are how far north and west that mixing will occur with the rain, where bandings of snow will be set up and possible dry slot we have showed you where that will happen. one look real quickly at future win gusts and as we pick up at the shore, with 48 miles an hour win gusts,
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this is 2:00 in the morning i should say and then by 8:00 in the morning we're talking hurricane force wind gustness lewis delaware but 40 miles an hour wind gustness philadelphia a so blowing, drifting snow with all that snow falling so quickly a all morning long, it will start, really with those wind picking up blowing and drifting around. one more look at our snowfall estimates, for tomorrow. it is generally a saturday storm, and a lot of snow, so we will have that seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes, traffic time right now. no problems just yet, dave warren, as you fill in for bob kelly. he pick a good week to go on vacation. >> hopefully he makes it back okay this weekend. there is no really big problems out there they are treating the roadways. rock salt and brine solution being put down. they will continue to do that today. off ramp, and, 76, that is expected to, clear, as 5:00 o'clock this morning.
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less than an hour ago before that. yes, all clear, roadways, schuylkill expressway, not much happening this morning and we have 95 near cottman all clear. any issues we will write them your way over next few hours, chris and lauren. authorities in camden county are after two people accused of trying to lure children with candy. >> police said a man and woman both in the 60's and 07's were in an suv that drove up to three kids along manor avenue saturday afternoon. they refused their offer and they drove off. the man and woman both had light hair and both haddon, glasses of some sort. if you have any information about this, call the the police. philadelphia licenses and inspections workers will be back at it at 22nd and locust streets working to secure the building destroyed by fire earlier this week. crews are trying to sure up the walls ahead of the snowstorm, in hopes of the building will be able to handle the weight of expect snowfall. the tuesday's fire displaced dozens of people, still no
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word on who started the fire. out of money, that is what chaka fattah senior is now claiming and it may affect his criminal court case. congressman says he can in longer pay the firm representing him in the federal racketeering case and will have to find a new lawyer. fattah is accused of using federal grant and charitable donations to repay a illegal one million-dollar campaign loan and funneling campaign money toward his son's student loans. fattah says he cannot continue to pay the the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it has taken on this case. the court hearing has been scheduled for next week to determine if his lawyers, can quit. a federal judge has dismissed defamation lawsuit filed by pittsburgh area woman against bill cosby. woman accused of defaming her when he and his representatives responded to allegations that he drugged and sexually assaulted her and other woman. lawsuit was filed in october but a federal judge dismissed it, meaning that she cannot amend and refile it. >> right now people across the country are helping those affect by that water crisis in
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fl int michigan. >> that includes a celebrity with ties to philadelphia people in flint have lead poisoning from contaminated drinking water. people are blaming government miss management for the the crisis. now the the justice department is investigating. people around the nation are sending clean what the tore that region. tmz reporting that philly rapper meek mill has sent 60,000 bottles of water and on go fund me college students at penn are raising fund to buy clean water and send to the people of flint. >> it has come to that. tsa agents have their handful in america's airports when it comes to finding guns. tsa says more than 2600 guns were found in carry on luggage last year and get this, more than 82 percent of those weapons were loaded. guns were found in more than 230 u.s. airports during security checks. airports in dallas, atlanta, houston, denver and phoenix are the the most confiscated guns last year. flyers and pittsburgh penguins do something they have not done since 2013?
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howard has details next up in sports in a minute. >> yeah, winning lot theory numbers. good luck.
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the the flyers had a big test a ahead of them last night, on the road against pittsburgh, they are starting to look in the standing, flyers are one point behind pittsburgh not after last
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night. the to pittsburgh flyers up one to nothing and on the power play, jake voracek will shoot and he will score. flyers go up two to nothing. they are down four-three about seconds left in the game and flyers have a a chance to tie the game, but brayden schenn will fan on it. flyers score, first time they lose to pittsburgh since 2013. weather forecast has done a lot to change local college basketball game scheduling. games postponed from saturday and moved, villanova scheduled to be televised on fox 29 sat the day at noon. postponed rescheduled for sunday at 2:30. st. joes a and lasalle moved to sunday at the 5:00. smu game with larry brown playing temple has been moved from saturday night to sunday still no time set. sixers still playing that game on saturday night as we speak. that is sports the in the minute, i'm howard eskin. ♪
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we are just hours away from the first snowfall and major winter storm. a blizzard watch, emergency in pennsylvania, and even some flights canceled this morning we are tracking it all, stay with us. the the voice of sam cook, too, by the way.
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our top story is the weather. >> right the now all eyes on the radar a blizzard watch declared for most of our area. good day, it is friday, january between the second, 2016. >> i was telling sue serio, i haven't gotten one thing from the store, super market but yesterday, every story was in or drove by, pack full of people. >> sue, my wife was in line for more than an hour in check out yesterday. >> i believe it, i believe it. and we have to change your copy from just now because it is now a blizzard warning, just issued moments ago by national weather service. they have narrowed the area. where you see pink and beyond is a winter storm warning but this is where we expect about 24 hours from right now, blizzard conditions, which not only means a whole lot of snow, a foot the or more but blowing and drifting snow because of the high wind, wind will be high enough, to cause
4:30 am
white out conditions, at times, again, this will be occurring, all day tomorrow. so, this is in effect friday night through sunday morning. for the the the entire area blizzard warning now, and here is the the storm, it looks so much more ominous then it it did 24 hours ago. you can see it only takes a day for things to change dramatically. leading edge is now moving into southwestern, virginia and it is snowing in north, north caroline and sleet around fayetville north carolina and tons of rain, lots of rain around florence, south carolina we will take a look at the timing for us, next time but 23 degrees right now, and, we have a 16 degrees wind chill. sunrise at 7:17. we will start off with some sunshine but the balance of the daylight hours will be just fine, you know, driving around thinking my god, are we getting a blizzard? yeah, we are. the cold air is here. it is in the teens those wind chills this morning but snow
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starts later on with the high of 36 degrees. we will get you through this, and we will have more to tell you next time, at 4:31, that is a look at your weather, chris and lauren. >> sue serio, thank you so much. our team coverage continues with travel trouble. nor'easter making an impact in our area and it hasn't even arrived. >> airlines canceling thousands of flights ahead have the bad weather that includes philly international, of course, where dave kinchen is live. dave, how sit looking. it is busy. >> reporter: a lot of people are trying to get out of dodge before major cancellations hit tomorrow. we are here at united desk. folks are checking in right there. we have been taking a look at the big board and pretty much everything is on time for to day. american airline canceled all flight from philadelphia a international airport for saturday. american has actually canceled bulk of the flight in the northeast all together, snow, ice and strong wind will create major problems this
4:32 am
weekend. other airlines like frontier and british airways canceled some saturday flights to and from philadelphia. the the airport will officially be opened around the clock with plowing, and airlines will be tapering off flights by 10:00 p.m. tonight. all airlines are issuing travel wafers a allowing travelers to change to earlier or later flights to avoid the storm and sir, why don't we talk to you here, you said you were going over to had which. >> vegas. >> reporter: sorry, vegas. tell me your thoughts about going out of town early. >> so i leave today so we are going to vegas. we weren't expecting this blizzard coming this weekend, and, thankfully, we are, we have the the flight at the right time and in preparation for the the the blizzard, but we are blizzard is good for us
4:33 am
but i expecting, snow. >> reporter: so, smooth flying for you, at least. >> yes. >> reporter: happy anniversary to you and your wife, absolutely. we should say safe travels. a lot of people getting out of town early and flight tapering off by 10:00 o'clock check your airlines, but enough flights to and from philly on saturday, guys. good morning. in for bob this morning, one spot reporting some icy roads is in pottstown, mapel street saint clear street we will see more coming in likely here over the next 48 hours but that is one report we have this morning. vine street expressway, is, all cleared this morning, no major issues and, of course, just like we talk about there check your flights with your airlines because not only is it tomorrow where flights are canceled but need planes to be here sunday owe check your flights because it will likely be major issues here over this
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weekend and sunday as well. that is all we have this morning, we will have it continued updates here, if there is any trouble. our team coverage continues right now city of philadelphia says they are ready for first big storm of this winter. >> let get out to steve keeley live outside city hall with all of the preparations made, hi there, steve. >> reporter: i got proof new york isn't the only city that doesn't sleep. philadelphia doesn't get much sleep either. this crew from the water department here, five hours into a shift that they didn't plan to do, they do some prework. now you see philadelphia police guarding the street, sixth street here right on washington square. this is a one way street going south and this philadelphia police officer coming north because we have another crew clearing drains on the other end of the sixth street but these guys are clearing the sewers so when all that stuff falls and eventually melt it has somewhere to go and doesn't just keep refreezing over and over here in the streets. we heard from the mayor yesterday and there is that classic line from whoever is running this city, especially
4:35 am
to the people of south philadelphia, clear your steps, clear that space on your sidewalk or you will get tickets but there is the the the dilemma, people don't have yard in south philadelphia, they have the stoop, and they have their sidewalk. where are they supposed to put the snow if you don't want them to throw it the in the street. >> obviously when it comes to the major thoroughfares and major road they need to be done first. our airport need to be done first. we will get the to the small streets as we have in the past. we have smaller vehicles with smaller plows that are capable of doing that. >> we are asking citizens in joining our efforts in assisting with shoveling, shoveling their sidewalks, creating a clearance of 3 feet the on the sidewalk including the curb cuts, and certainly to discourage them from putting snow back into the the streets, once they have been cleared. >> we will ask philadelphians to be safe and look out for each other. try to help your neighbors, clear the steps, check on our seniors and people who are shut in.
4:36 am
just work together as neighbors and citizens together to make sure we are safe and we get out of this as soon as possible and get back to normal as soon as possible. >> reporter: philadelphia airport has eight snow melters, these are huge things that can melt 250 tons of snow an hour but people of south philadelphia they don't own personal snow melters, i guess they are supposed to take the snow in their house and put it in their back bedroom or store it the there or put it down their commodes who knows where they are supposed to put the snow but they have to clear snow from their sidewalk, that is their responsibility. they don't have any other place to put the snow and that is why so many of them usually shovel it in the street. then you have the whole saving parking spot dilemma a and fat chance people aren't going to do that. this is philadelphia every year they say same things and every year nothing changes. chris and lauren, we will go right behind our truck here, and we will show you. this way over to my left. the there is a little house next to that nice new building that is kind of dark.
4:37 am
we always talk about dilworth park and plaza, that is where mayor richard dilworth built that house. i know all this because i lived on this block when i first moved here. that was his house. he was first person to live in society hill to help it come back to what it is today. then we have mike jerrick living across the park in that is in big apartment building to the left but a little will history there, this is where the mayor, 66 years ago lived, and i'm's sure he said the same thing, don't shovel the snow into the street, and also, keep and help your neighbors out there. >> steve keeley, it will be a very different scene out there tomorrow morning when we see you. 4:37 this morning. you know you need a little s pice in your life, and you'll love this story. here's a hint, it involves this. >> this is your favorite walk up song. >> it the is. >> steve perry, and he turns
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this is not good, people in the northeast, in your health this morning, bad news for people living in high rise. >> the higher the the floor the lower the chance of surviving a medical, emergency. >> the problem is amount have of time it takes paramedics to reached people who need help. according to a new study
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tenants live above the 25th floor stand very little chance of surviving a heart attack. the those living below the third floor researchers found 4 percent of patients survive cardiac arrest. the experts say survival rates will improve quicker access to doors along with access to defibrillators. now we have design -- create the ultimate arm candy. >> yes. >> little bling. >> yes. >> yes, introduce watch collection back in october and today the watches hit the web ready for purchasing. i like that. the the collection includes three different styles all featuring hermes signature craftmanship, they start at $1,100. >> don't get any idea for your birthday. >> up to 1500. >> each one comes with the customizable face, both are available at and good do you want to buy me one of those bands. >> no. >> that is beautiful.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. all right. in case you missed it, and just happened a little while ago we have an upgrade from the the national weather service from our blizzard watch to a blizzard warning. the warning area is in orange here and pink area beyond it, a winter storm warning. so what makes the difference between a blizzard, and a winter storm? these are criteria, again, this is tonight into tomorrow
4:46 am
morning, we expect, and most of this will be happening tomorrow, wind or wind gusts of 35 miles an hour or more, and visibility reduced to a quarter mile or less, because of blowing and drifting snow, and all of this is expected to last at least, three hours, probably more, since this is expect to be an all day event. there will be plenty of time to pile up at least a foot of snow in the blizzard warning area, beyond that, there will be lesser amounts, especially down at jersey shore and southern part of the delaware, where we do expect rain to mix in, of course, a whole other set of problems with the high wind down there and coastal flooding because coincidently it is a full moon this weekend, tomorrow in particular. so here's where the the storm is right now. we are looking at the leading edge in north carolina moving into southern virginia but this illustrates what we will be dealing with tomorrow here, rain, sleet in between, and snow to the north and where
4:47 am
that rain/snow line sets up will be crucial to snow amounts when all is said and done. power outage index is here, where we're most likely to have power outages because of the high wind, bringing down that heavy wet snow. we told you yesterday it is supposed to be that consistency that is very difficult to shovel and that can bring trees and power lines down pretty easily with wind gusting to 40 to 60 miles an hour. that is a problem. if your power goes out that is probably going to be why. here's the timing of the storm. we could see a flurry or two in the south, late this afternoon but for most it is around eight or 9:00 we will start to see the the the snow moving in the area, it snows all night long and into tomorrow at a pretty good clip as we say, my favorite cliche of the snow, snowing at a pretty good clip. then we will look to the the south and we will see that heavy rain starting to move further north and it is still uncertain where these band
4:48 am
will set up. thinks a general idea what will happen? a lot of this won't really play out until it is here, this storm. of course we will be with you all day tomorrow to follow it as well. you see it still snowing at 11:00 p.m. winding down at 7:00 in the morning on sunday. so hopefully you can hunker down all day on saturday because it is in the a good eye de. and see exactly where those band will set up, and possible dry slot. we may have a break in the action about midday tomorrow, we're expecting wind to gust, watch this as we go from 18-mile an hour wind gusts to 48 miles an hour win gusts by tomorrow in lewes delaware. this is a vulnerable, and whatever falls will be blowing around were 41 miles an hour
4:49 am
win gusts in the the area possible. this is a map that hasn't change much of yesterday but bull's eye being a baltimore washington area where they will get a brunt, but we are not that far away but we are expecting a foot or more, of snow of snow dave warren in philadelphia. >> we have a problem in philadelphia, a down pole, conestoga road and bacton hill and spring valley road. all lanes there are block. all blue route near conshohocken all clear and we will check 42, near creek road, looks good this morning. all clear on these roadways they are being treated, so that is a good thing here for the the next 24 to 48 hours. >> okay, dave. thanks very much. we have some big celebrity engagement news to tell but this morning. >> it involves two singers and a movie star. >> wait a inn in three people. >> let's hear about this. >> miley cyrus will be first. >> okay. >> she's engage again and it
4:50 am
is actor liam hemsworth again. source close to the 23 year-old singer told people magazine that quote miley is beyond happy. the paris here together in the 2010 film the last song. they got engaged in 202. the the wedding was called off, late 2013. cyrus was spotted wearing her engagement ring again over the past week. >> maybe they will play that song by adele, hello, in the the reception. >> i won't sing it okay, thanks. >> here's hoping third time is a charm, singer mariah carry is set to tie the the knot again. >> people magazine reporting mariah and her australian billion air james packer gotten gauge last night in new york city. the she's like nick cannon who. >> this guy is a billion air. >> her breathtaking ring is rumored to be around a 35 carat. the singer, divorced second husband nick cannon last year.
4:51 am
they are parents to twins, and this will be packer's second marriage. he has three young children with his ex-wife. >> does money buy happiness. >> is the file just a rich jerk? do we know anything about this guy. >> money makes things more complicated but it can make things more fun but it does not buy happiness. >> she has had plenty of fun. she is rich to judge. who am i to judge he's probably fantastic. >> jenny from the block is now jenny from the strip. >> jennifer lopez her show kicking off this week in las vegas. we now have her story. >> ♪ >> reporter: jennifer lopez kick off her much anticipated las vegas residency at planet hollywood and told us after the big opening night that the wait was worth it. >> i feel g i feel relaxed. it was, you know, an opening night, there is always a lot
4:52 am
of pressure and tension and everybody wants everything to go great and at the end of the day you have to let it out there and let it go but it was a good night report report show is scheduled to run through june, it is dubbed all i have and she says it is a fitting title. >> for me that is what an entertainment is, you go out and give it everything you got to entertain people to make them happy to inspire them, like that is what i feel like my job is as a entertainer. that is why i name the show all i have because that is my philosophy how to not only entertain but to live life report report happening this week her american idol gig takes judges and about 200 contestant toss hollywood where high steaks lead to high drama. >> hollywood week is always a mess. it is in different this year. it is tough for them, tough for contestants, they are thrown in the craziness and we have a lot to do during that week and they don't get a lot of sleep, it is a tough week.
4:53 am
>> reporter: lopez has a jammed packed schedule these days but she wouldn't have it the any other way. >> it is not easy at times and it is overwhelming but i just try to be really grateful in every moment for all of the opportunities that i still have being in the business as long as i have and i'm super happy. >> reporter: in hollywood an ad am housely, "fox news". all right. move over adele, your song has been taken over, ass by a teacher. >> ♪
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
my hair looks weird. >> i cannot touch the hair, that is a violation. >> you know it. >> kids probably welcome a snow day this time around but maybe next winter. >> it is the timing of this thing. one teacher is expressing how much she loves snow day with the clever parity of the a adele, hello. >> ♪ she really gets into this. >> she looks like adele singing. >> it was shot well, right.
4:57 am
you see playground, swings are empty, the the globe, she's good. >> really good. who is she? she's a third grade teacher mary morris from strawberry planes, tennessee. her friend helped her make that version of the video after this got half million hits on you tube. >> give that lady a record deal and get her out of school. do you spend most of your morning routine in the da z e. what a new study that says that people that work absolutely too much. >> yeah, right.
4:58 am
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>> live radar shows a system bringing more than a foot of snow into your area. we are just hours away from its arrival. >> that is radar, how about this, a live look at olde city right now, the the the calm before the storm, it will look different, once it starts to snow, and that snow is coming, today. a blizzard watch declared for most of our region ahead of the storm. it is january 22nd, 2016. >> sue just told us it was upgraded quickly to a warning because it is less than 24 hours i away. all eyes are on our winter blast, sue has been tracking snow totals and time line. she kicks off our coverage this morning. >> we are just getting started because we will be with you through the duration of this storm but today balance of the day on friday for most of us in the area it is not too bad. we will


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